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Chelsea Shea, MS, NCC, LADC1, LMHC

Clinical Therapist


Accepted Insurances In Massachusetts: Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, Harvard Pilgrim, MGB Allways, Optum, Tufts, United Behavioral Health, UMR

I hold a Masters in Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and am licensed in the state of MA as a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor in Massachusetts also working toward LMHC licensure as well. I am also licensed as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of New York. I hold specialized training in Perinatal Mental Health through Postpartum Support International as well as Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PET) which is a modality of trauma processing therapy. In addition to the above niche in reproductive, perinatal, and maternal mental health and trauma, my masters concentration is in grief in loss work with further knowledge and experience in crisis management, trauma-response, and community-based mental health support.

Outside of my work with The Life Workshop, I currently work full-time through an agency in Massachusetts, where I service adults 18+ providing clinical case management. I have experience working in individual, and group settings, along with residential care. I have previously served as a clinician for a Community Behavioral Health Center and a response counselor on the National Suicide Hotline for an agency in New York prior to moving to Massachusetts providing support to all ages. I continuously engage in training for numerous evidenced based practices such as but not limited to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PET), etc.


I grew up in Long Island, New York and moved to the North Shore area of Massachusetts in 2016. I enjoy sports, (soccer and softball), playing four years of NCAA Softball in College. I continue to play softball, which is a major hobby of mine, through competitive USSSA along with local leagues where I have made ever-lasting friendships. Professionally, and personally, I pride myself on a “team approach,” and working together to get through tough moments. I also understand the need to “just be,” even for a moment where you don’t have to listen to the advice from social media, friends/family, etc., on how to process things you don’t and/or are not yet ready to understand. In times of needing to “just be,” I look to music, often playing the piano, or listening to songs that “click” for my mood. 


In my life, I have experienced a number of “losses,” that have affected me including death, non-death related loss (end relationships/friendships; leaving home whether for college or moving out of state, loss or change of lifestyle) as well as vicarious grief. In college, I experienced a significant loss, the death of a mentor that guided my softball pitching career, and ultimately became a huge part of my family. At the time, I would consider it the most profound loss that I had experienced which affected me in ways I was not prepared for. To support myself, I took a course offered during my MS Program, called “Death and Dying,” to help process what I was feeling, and try to make sense of things. The professor envisioned a perspective of death in a humbling, humorous, but kind, respectful, and natural way, through all types of literature such as movies, poems, and historical writings. This is what led me to fully make the decision that Mental Health Counseling is what I wanted to pursue. From there, I chose the Loss & Bereavement track and have learned alternative and creative ways to deal with grief and loss. I want to support and guide you in processing your grief journey at your own pace, and provide you a safe space to “just be.” 

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