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Internship Opportunities


About Our Intern Program

At The Life Workshop, Inc. we're committed to supporting students with a passion for reproductive, perinatal, and maternal/parental mental health in fostering their education and skill development, emerging from the placement, a competent professional in the field. All of our interns will be expected to receive training with Postpartum Support International, the gold standard for training in perinatal and maternal mental health and will receive subsequent in-house training as well as a stipend for professional development. Interns are supervised by our team of trained, certified, and specialized PMH & MMH professionals and will receive individual supervision, group supervision, and administrative oversight.


We are a completely virtual placement (with very limited in-person opportunities for staff gatherings and miscellaneous community events) so it is essential for our interns to be mature, self-starting/maintaining individuals with the ability to seek out support and guidance when necessary. Interns are able to have a flexible schedule (i.e. evenings and weekends) but it's mandatory for some daytime availability to attend team meetings, group and individual supervision, and monthly training (approximately 3 hours during the weekday regularly).

For those who are looking for a potential placement for the Summer, 2025 or the 2025-2026 academic year, apply by emailing a cover letter and resume to Danielle Stone, Owner and Clinical Director of The Life Workshop, Inc. at by the end of the day on March 20th, 2025.


Timeline For Intern Decisions:

  • Present-3/20/25: Applications accepted through end of day 3/20/25

  • 3/20/25-3/31/25: Applications will be reviewed and interviews scheduled

  • 4/1/25-4/12/25: Interviews will be held

  • 4/12/25: Decisions will be made and communicated

Clinical Intern Placement:

Students (social work, mental health counseling, or other counseling discipline) MUST be in their final year placement with graduation following the completion of their internship. Clinical interns will carry both an individual caseload and observe/support in co-facilitating our clinical and peer led groups for honing their clinical skills and abilities. In addition, clinical interns will be responsible for projects based on their interests such as social media presence, content and resource creation, and learning the ins and outs of private/group practice to become a competent potential future business owner. Upon the completion of this internship, graduates may be eligible for employment with the organization. Annually, we have support dedicated for two clinical interns.

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Case Management Intern Placement:

Students can be in their final BSW year or any year of their MSW program. This placement is also an intensive training opportunity but in a different way than our clinical placement. Often, in outpatient private / group practice, clients in need would benefit from short phone/email check ins, collateral contacts need made, and time for finding resources for clients is scarce and within this position, interns will hone this craft. Interns will have the opportunity to learn local, national, and international resources and understand the explicit intricacies that come along with caring for individuals on the reproductive spectrum that occur outside of the therapeutic hour. In addition, this position will present opportunities for community organizing to spread awareness about reproductive, perinatal, and maternal/parental mental health. Interns in this role will have the opportunity to apply (if school permits) to a clinical intern placement for their final placement. Presently, we have dedicated space to accommodate one case management intern.

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