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Danielle Stone, MSW LICSW PMH-C 

Executive Director, Clinical Therapist, Trainer


I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (independently licensed to practice in both Massachusetts and Connecticut) as well as a Perinatal Mental Health Specialist - Certified (PMH-C) and have been practicing for over eight years. I specialize in female reproductive health including pre-conception / family planning, trying to conceive, pregnancy, postpartum, and fertility / infertility, trauma/complex trauma including birth trauma, pregnancy and infant loss, attachment & dissociation, and parenting. I am trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) through an accredited EMDRIA training facility.

I have a passion for supporting other mental health professionals in achieving their licensure goals. Too often people who desire quality supervision do not have access to it because of the lack of available, qualified folks and the busy nature of community mental health settings leading to a lack of time and opportunity to provide it. I also value both professional and peer consultation and hold it in high regard.


In addition to my clinical training and work, I'm also certified as an ASHI (American Safety & Health Institute) Level 5 Instructor Trainer and YMCA Lifeguard Instructor. 

​Previously, I've worked in a residential group home for latency aged youth ages six through 13 with complex traumas and very difficult life experiences working with them to meet goals that would later help them be successful in a setting less intensive. I have also served as a school adjustment counselor in a school for young people with social emotional needs, an emergency services clinician providing acute support in crisis situations for people of all ages, and an outpatient therapist in both the community mental health and private practice settings. I've also served in a variety of training capacities teaching lifeguarding and ASHI courses.


You may be wondering, with all of my work experience, where the shift into specialization in female reproductive health came from. It was through my own journey when I became pregnant with my first child that I realized how few people truly were educated in perinatal mental health and were able to provide sound services and support to people at such a vulnerable time. Admittedly, I was struggling and needed a knowledgeable therapist myself and I was fortunate enough to find one that was sensitive and educated to the issues I was experiencing; I felt heard and understood, which is something I believe every person deserves to feel. We had our daughter right at the peak of the early COVID-19 pandemic (March, 2020) and it became disturbingly evident to me that there were not only few trained mental health professionals in perinatal mental health but also in all other areas that service this population of people including but not limited to OBGYNs, midwives, pediatricians, doulas, lactation professionals; you name it, the list goes on. My goal is to educate and share factual information to ensure all professionals serving the perinatal population are equipped with the most up to date knowledge to help all perinatal people feel heard and understood - to normalize their experience and empathize with such a unique period in their lives.

In addition to my work experience, I reside in the Pioneer Valley area in Massachusetts with my husband and our two young kids. We enjoy spending time together outdoors soaking in all of the Vitamin D we can and finding the best ice cream spots around! Personally, I enjoy cooking as well as baking as hobbies!

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